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SONIC CIRCUITS presents Us, Today // Colla Parte // Rest // Audrey Chen+Meg Rorison @ RHIZOME, DC

$10 at the door

Us, Today

Colla Parte

Rest is an improvisational musical group featuring a rotating cast of Baltimore musicians: April Camlin, Miles Clark, Alex Homan, Isabella Pittman, Lucas Rambo, Jordan Romero, Eric Rosario. Rhythm builds and disintegrates, meditations in cacophony, exploring and expanding. A particle is also a wave.

Audrey Chen/Meg Rorison
(voice and 16mm film projection)
The collaboration between Audrey Chen and Margaret Rorison works inside the intimate worlds of their maternal lines, as experienced through the myriad sounds of the human voice and 16mm film projection. Images and sounds captured in spaces brought together by their individual experiences of mother, daughter, granddaughter and how that affects their identities- and channels towards decision making, touch, habit, memory and language.